Best Domination Civ and Leader in Civilization 6

Conquer the World: Best Domination Civ and Leader in Civilization 6

This guide provides information on the ideal Civilization 6 leader for players seeking to achieve a Domination victory, catering to those who are eager to wage war.

In Civilization 6, asserting military dominance and conquering rival civilizations is a thrilling path to victory. For players who relish the challenge of strategic warfare and territorial expansion, choosing the right civilization and leader is vital to ensure success on the battlefield. Let’s explore the best domination civ and leader that stand out as formidable conquerors in the world of Civilization 6.

Alexander and Macedonia

Macedonia, under the charismatic leadership of Alexander the Great, is a dominant force on the battlefield, excelling in aggressive warfare and rapid expansion. Alexander’s unique ability, “To the World’s End,” grants additional movement to all units during a war against civilizations he has met. This unparalleled advantage allows him to launch surprise attacks and outmaneuver his enemies on the battlefield, making Macedonian military campaigns swift and devastating.

Macedonia’s unique unit, the “Hetairoi,” replaces the Horseman and gains additional combat strength when adjacent to a Great General. This potent cavalry unit becomes a formidable strike force when paired with Great Generals, providing Alexander with superior tactical capabilities on the battlefield.

Alexander and Macedonia
Image by Macro Gamer via Civilization 6 game

In addition to these unique abilities, Macedonia’s unique building, the “Basilikoi Paides,” replaces the Barracks and provides additional experience to all melee, ranged, and Hetairoi units. This early-game advantage empowers Alexander to amass a well-trained army, ready to conquer and expand his empire with unmatched power.

Incomparable Conquest of Rome and Trajan

Rome, led by the indomitable Trajan, is a relentless military juggernaut that thrives on the battlefield and conquers its enemies with strategic precision. Trajan’s unique ability, “Trajan’s Column,” grants a free City Center building in every new city founded. This significant advantage enables rapid expansion and territorial growth, positioning Rome for strategic dominance early in the game.

Rome’s unique unit, the “Legion,” replaces the Swordsman and gains the ability to construct Forts. This exceptional unit allows Trajan to establish fortified positions on the frontlines, securing crucial territories and maintaining control over conquered lands.

Rome’s unique district, the “Bath,” replaces the Aqueduct and provides additional housing and amenities. This advantage allows Rome to maintain a large and happy population, further supporting the relentless expansion and stability of the Roman Empire.

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6 Tips for Domination Mastery

1. Early Expansion:

Found cities quickly to gain territorial advantage and access to vital resources for military production.

2. Strategic Warfare:

Prioritize unit positioning, flanking, and attacking vulnerable enemy units to maximize the efficiency of your military campaigns.

3. City Conquest:

Focus on capturing enemy cities while minimizing losses to build a formidable empire.

4. Civic Policies:

Adopt military-oriented Civic Policies that enhance your army’s strength and reduce unit maintenance costs.

5. Great Generals and Admirals:

Utilize Great Generals and Admirals to gain tactical advantages in battles and expand your empire’s influence.

6. Siege Warfare:

Invest in siege units like Catapults and Bombards to effectively conquer fortified enemy cities.

In Civilization 6, domination victories are earned through waging wars and mastering strategic warfare. The choice of civilization and leader plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of military campaigns and territorial expansion. As Alexander leads Macedonia to the world’s end and Trajan spearheads Rome’s relentless conquest, the path to domination is paved with conquest, glory, and unyielding might. So, rally your armies, forge alliances, and embark on the path to becoming the greatest conqueror in Civilization 6.


What is the objective of the guide in Civilization 6?

The guide aims to help players find the best leader and civilization for achieving a Domination victory through strategic warfare and territorial expansion.

Which leader and civilization excel in aggressive warfare and rapid expansion?

Alexander the Great leads Macedonia, which excels in aggressive warfare and rapid expansion on the battlefield.

What unique abilities does Alexander have in Civilization 6?

Alexander’s unique ability, “To the World’s End,” grants additional movement to all units during a war against civilizations he has met, allowing swift and devastating military campaigns.

Which civilization is a relentless military juggernaut under the leadership of Trajan?

Rome, led by Trajan, is a relentless military juggernaut that thrives on the battlefield and conquers enemies with strategic precision.

What advantage does Trajan’s unique ability, “Trajan’s Column,” provide to Rome?

“Trajan’s Column” grants a free City Center building in every new city founded, enabling rapid expansion and territorial growth for Rome.


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