Best Culture Civ and Leader in Civilization 6 – Cultivate Cultural Greatness

Best Culture Civ and Leader - Cultural Victory in Civilization 6

If players aim to attain a Cultural Victory in Civilization 6, they will find great success by selecting this incredibly potent leader and civilization.

In Civilization 6, one of the most thrilling paths to victory is achieved through cultural dominance. Cultivating a rich and vibrant culture not only captivates the world but also leads to obtaining influential policies, generating tourism, and ultimately winning a Cultural Victory. To embark on this mesmerizing journey, players need to carefully choose the right civilization and leader that aligns with their cultural ambitions.

Cultural Triumphs with France and Catherine de’ Medici

France, under the guidance of the formidable Catherine de’ Medici, stands out as a prominent cultural powerhouse in Civilization 6. Catherine’s unique ability, “Catherine’s Flying Squadron,” ensures that her spies generate twice as many points towards the city-state’s envoys, helping her become the Suzerain of many city-states and reaping their unique bonuses. This unparalleled espionage prowess allows France to establish strong diplomatic ties, acquire valuable resources, and gain a considerable diplomatic advantage on the cultural stage.

France’s unique district, the “Château,” replaces the Renaissance Walls and provides not only additional culture but also increased tourism once flight technology is attained. Placing Châteaus on breathtaking scenic locations maximizes their potential, turning the French cities into cultural hubs that attract tourists from across the globe.

Furthermore, France receives “Grand Tour” as its unique ability, granting bonus culture equal to 20% of the tourism output produced by the city. This incredible advantage accelerates France’s pursuit of a Cultural Victory, making them a formidable contender in the realm of arts and culture.

The Enchanting Song of Mali and Mansa Musa

Another formidable contender in the race for cultural greatness is Mali, led by the illustrious Mansa Musa. Known for their abundant wealth and economic prowess, Mali’s cultural approach is unique, revolving around maximizing faith generation and utilizing it to enhance cultural development.

Mansa Musa’s unique ability, “Sahel Merchants,” ensures that international trade routes yield additional gold for each desert tile in the origin city. This ability, combined with Mali’s desert start bias, allows them to establish lucrative trade routes that contribute to substantial gold income and later convert that wealth into a cultural surge.

Mali’s unique district, the “Suguba,” replaces the Commercial Hub, providing increased gold and faith for every adjacent Holy Site and bonus gold for adjacent River and Oasis tiles. This strategic placement of Sugubas amid Holy Sites optimizes both gold and faith generation, further supporting the pursuit of cultural excellence.

In addition to these unique abilities, Mali boasts the “Songs of the Jeli” unique ability, granting faith equal to 100% of the tourism output of the city whenever a Great Writer, Artist, or Musician is born. This magnificent ability empowers Mali to leverage its faith reserves into cultural gains, surging towards a Cultural Victory with both financial and spiritual prosperity.

6 Tips for Cultural Mastery

1. Focus on Culture Early:

Invest in Theater Squares and Great Works of Art, Writing, and Music from the Ancient Era to jumpstart your cultural development.

2. Establish Open Borders:

Engage in diplomatic exchanges to secure open borders with other civilizations to increase tourism exchange and foster cultural influence.

3. Cultural City-States:

Become the Suzerain of Cultural City-States to access their unique bonuses and significantly boost your cultural output.

4. Wonder Rush:

Prioritize building wonders that enhance culture and tourism, such as the Great Library, Eiffel Tower, and Broadway, to strengthen your cultural dominance.

5. Archeological Expeditions:

Utilize Archaeologists to excavate artifacts from Ancient Ruins and shipwrecks, bolstering your tourism output and leaving a lasting cultural impact.

6. Inspiring Great People:

Be strategic with Great People acquisition, selecting those that provide cultural bonuses and leverage their unique abilities to propel your Cultural Victory.

In the vibrant world of Civilization 6, the pursuit of cultural greatness unveils a captivating journey filled with creativity, diplomacy, and influence. Whether you choose France’s artistic elegance or Mali’s spiritual opulence, each cultural civilization offers unique challenges and opportunities. So, take your chosen cultural civ to new heights, curate the finest cultural treasures, and let the enchanting song of your empire resonate across the ages, enthralling the world and achieving a glorious Cultural Victory.


1. What is the primary objective of players in Civilization 6 to achieve a victory?

The primary objective is to achieve a Cultural Victory through cultural dominance.

2. Which leader and civilization are recommended for players pursuing a Cultural Victory?

Players are recommended to choose France, led by Catherine de’ Medici, for their potent cultural abilities.

3. What is Catherine de’ Medici’s unique ability in Civilization 6?

Catherine de’ Medici’s unique ability is “Catherine’s Flying Squadron,” which enhances her spies’ points towards city-state envoys.

4. How does Mali, led by Mansa Musa, approach cultural development differently?

Mali focuses on maximizing faith generation and utilizing it to enhance cultural development.

5. What is Mali’s unique district, and how does it contribute to cultural advancement?

Mali’s unique district is the “Suguba,” which replaces the Commercial Hub and provides increased gold and faith, optimizing cultural growth.


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