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Must read all AFK Arena guides and related articles as we are uploading here. We always post top quality content for our readers and avoid unnecessary information. Our content is enriched for both new and expert players. We are ensuring quality and well-researched information for our readers.

AFK Arena Starting Guide

Welcome to the board! AFK Arena starting guide is for your progress and helpful for eliminating your mistakes. If you want to become an adventurer, you must follow the guidelines in this guide. By following these, you are going to become an adventurer of AFK Arena.

Global Chat is Your Ally!

Global chat is available for your help if you have any doubts, confusion, or need help in progress. Expert players are available for you in global chat and always welcome juniors to guide them. However, you must be aware as the adviser may not have the proper information. AGK Arena is full of players from all categories of beginner to pro-level seniors. You can ask for diverse opinions from different players to avoid any misguidance.

Start the Game

AFK Arena provides a free Elite hero for the first tutorial completion just like most of the games. The hero will help you as it is from the scaled tier. If you feel unsatisfaction, you can start again with a new random hero until you achieve the list of your desired heroes on the board. Here are some details of the heroes of AFK Arena:

  1. Arden: Arden is one of the legendary heroes who can knock down and works up to chapter 24. He develops power with the passage of time to knock out even 3 heroes at a time. his abilities are useful for fighting in crowds to avoid damage.
  2. Shemira / Khasos: These are sustainable heroes with the ability of a higher area of effect (AoE) to damage at a large scale. They both are bought for 45,000 coins from the Arcane Labyrinth store.
  3. Saveas: Saveas is one of the best choices for starting with the ability of great damage and strong capacity until the 15th chapter. After that, he can scaled to Mauler hero. He is also one of the legends cum tier heroes, that must be in your command.

Must Obtain Heroes

  • Kaz: Kaz has a distinguished ability of dodge to the enemy which helps her in escaping from attack and damage.
  • Brutus: Last Gasp capability of Brutus is helpful for immunity boosting and living a comparatively longer time. It is helpful for fighting and protecting the collaborators during disastrous attacks and dealing with high damages.
  • Nemora: Nemora is also available through the Labyrinth store and must be included in your team. She has all healed and charms required for building a strong team.

Avoid Taking Heroes in the Early Stage

Some heroes are really good in advanced levels but should be avoided at the start. Some examples are Ulmus, Estrilda, Vurk, Thane, Isabella, and Grezhul, they have the ability to perform in an Ascended tier. They are not bad but must be avoided during initial levels. They have the capacity and enrich with equipment for performance at higher levels.

Ascension Basics

All the heroes are not for Ascended tier, you must know it. Here is the list of heroes for ascension:

Legendary+ Tier Capped Heroes















AFK Arena Review - What is Different in AFK Arena?

Afk arena review

AFK Arena guides are helpful for providing all necessary or required information to the readers. We all have PlayStation or X-Box for playing our favorite games in our spare time. The craze for mobile games is increasing continuously. But here we have some questions like which game should be played? Why the AFK Arena game? What is different in this game?

All ages people from children to adults are addicted to mobile games. Some games are so amazing that the player can not sleep before completing all the levels. At the same time, some people haven’t time for games because of their busy schedules. Similarly, some people ignore games to conserve their time. They think that mobile games are waste of time.

The modern era games are advanced as compared to conventional having limited stages. In this modern era, unlike conventional new games have hundreds of features and levels. Modern games like AFK Arena solved the problems of players. Conventional games were difficult as a player have to spend a long time staying in the same place. Many modern games like Soul Hunters, Art of Conquest, Rise Kingdoms, and many more including AFK Arena have automation. The automatic system plays for you even when you are offline, and the issue of a long time sitting is resolved by these updates.  

Quick AFK Arena Guide

The name of game depicts that it is one of the modern automated games. The game AFK Arena shows the glamorous beauty of Esperia full of natural resources and charming wonders. Hypogeans tormented the beautiful land of Esperia just after its inauguration. They cause disastrous damage to the land wherever they put their steps. They are the evil forces fighting with the people and destroying the glamor of the land.

The Divinity has provided the power to the people for fighting against evil forces. The people of Esperia gain power from different objects and used them to push back the devils. The patriots of Esperia have to look after their beautiful land with God-gifted powers. Hypogean comes back to destroy the peace of Esperia. You have to collect and arrange your troops for fighting against evils.

The Esperia world
The Esperia world

AFK Arena has presented the scenario in a cool, interesting, and simple way for the players. The game is equipped with high-quality graphics and guides in the form of slides. There are some textboxes at different levels making it more cool and charming. The game has used a very good combination of styles, designs, and drawing for attracting and developing the interest of players. Outclass drawings and art has made the game unique and attractive. The interface of the game is user-friendly and very responsive. All these features make it a highly recommended game for game lovers. 

AFK Arena Gameplay-Instant Guide

AFK Arena Gameplay

Just like the RPG, the AFK Arena game also works on real-time combat. Your attacking side moves automatically while you are fighting against invaders. The two bars on the screen represent your Ultimate Meter and HP. The Ultimate bar starts filling up with the start of the fight as soon as your hero attacks. Just after filling the bar completes, you can you interesting skills of your hero which makes the game more glamorous. You can use the shocking skills of your character by just clicking and releasing on the portrait.

The keymapping tool helps you to assign the skills for your ease to either mouse or keyboard. The BlueStacks Usage Guide of AFK Arena has detailed guidelines for the skills if you are not familiar. The skills vary with the heroes and are helpful for fighting. You can assign the desired skills to your keyboard or mouse to give shocks to your enemies. The shocking skills of different heroes against the enemy make AFK Arena unique and one of the best games.  

For a higher class of enjoyment, you need to develop expertise in the game and skill usage. However, automatic play mode is recommended for a better experience and enjoyment. Automatic mode allows quick and simple tricks against enemies and helps you to clear stages within no time. At the same time, you should know that success relies on your expertise and practice in playing the game.

AFK Arena guide is providing you with complete and detailed information about the play for developing your expertise. At the start, you will be assigned five heroes and their details are mentioned above. Make formation of a single unit of two heroes for fighting at the back while three for the front line. The placement of heroes allows you better defensive and fighting strategies. The formation plays a key role throughout the journey of success.

After successful and strategic formation, the next step is team creation and management. The combination of best defenders and attacking fighters make a decent team. Defenders have to protect themselves from their enemies by activating their skills. The game has another charming feature of testing the heroes. You can go to the gallery at any time for testing the heroes. This feature allows you to choose the best hero with unique skills for making a tough ground for your enemies. This feature makes the game unique and attractive. moreover, it allows you proper planning for the battlefield, unlike other games.  

Final Words

So, why are you waiting now? Just download the game, read AFK Arena guides and start enjoying. We are here for you to provide guidelines for the best experience. 

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