Baldurs Gate 3 When to save the game? Campaign

Baldurs Gate 3 When to save the game? Campaign

Before Challenging Encounters: Prior to engaging in combat encounters or any potentially challenging situations, it’s a good practice to save your game. This allows you to reload and try different strategies if your initial approach doesn’t work out as planned.

Before Making Significant Choices

When faced with choices that may have significant consequences on the story or your character’s progression, consider saving the game. This enables you to reload and explore different outcomes by making alternative decisions.

Before Important Dialogue: If you’re about to engage in important dialogue with NPCs, save your game. This way, you can reload and explore different conversation options or make different choices in subsequent interactions.

Prior to Exploration: Before venturing into unknown areas, particularly those with potential traps, puzzles, or hidden surprises, consider saving your game. This allows you to reload if you encounter unexpected challenges or want to try different approaches.

At Regular Intervals: It’s generally a good habit to save the game at regular intervals to avoid losing progress. This could be after completing quests, reaching checkpoints, or at natural stopping points during your play session.

During Long Play Sessions: If you plan on playing for an extended period of time, it’s recommended to create multiple save files at different intervals. This way, you can go back to earlier points if needed and avoid losing hours of progress.


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