Baldurs Gate 3 Is there capacity limit? Exploration

Baldurs Gate 3 Is there capacity limit? Exploration


Yes, there is a capacity limit in Baldur’s Gate 3 that restricts the amount of items your characters can carry during exploration. The capacity limit is determined by the characters’ carrying capacity, which is based on their strength attribute and any items or effects that may modify it. Here’s how the capacity limit works:

Encumbrance: Each character has an encumbrance value that represents the maximum weight they can carry without being burdened. Encumbrance is directly related to a character’s strength attribute. The higher the strength, the more weight they can carry.

Carrying Capacity:

The carrying capacity is the maximum weight a character can bear without being encumbered. It is usually a multiple of the character’s strength score, such as 15 times their strength score. Carrying capacity can be found in the character’s inventory or character sheet.

Item Weight: Each item in the game has a weight value that contributes to the total weight carried by a character. The weight of items can vary, from light items like scrolls or potions to heavy equipment like armor or weapons.

Managing Inventory: To stay within the capacity limit, you need to manage your characters’ inventories. This involves keeping an eye on the weight of the items you pick up and ensuring that you don’t exceed the carrying capacity of your characters.

Dropping or Storing Items: If you find your characters carrying too much weight and becoming encumbered, you can drop or store items to lighten their load. You can drop items directly from the inventory screen or transfer them to containers or storage chests.

Party Management: Distributing the weight among party members can also help manage the capacity limit. Consider equipping characters with items that have lower weight or sharing the load by assigning certain characters to carry heavier items.


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