Baldurs Gate 3 Is it possible to avoid a fight? Combat

Baldurs Gate 3 Is it possible to avoid a fight? Combat

Yes, it is possible to avoid a fight in Baldur’s Gate 3 through various means. The game offers different options for non-violent resolutions and alternative approaches to encounters. Here are some ways you can potentially avoid combat:

Dialogue and Persuasion:

Engage in conversations with NPCs and utilize dialogue options to defuse tense situations, negotiate peaceful resolutions, or persuade enemies to stand down. Diplomatic skills, charisma-based abilities, or items that aid persuasion can be helpful in avoiding combat.

Stealth and Sneaking: Use stealth abilities or spells to sneak past enemies or to position yourself advantageously. By avoiding detection, you can bypass hostile encounters or set up strategic opportunities to complete objectives without engaging in combat.

Creative Problem-Solving: Use your environment and the objects within it to your advantage. Utilize spells, abilities, or items to manipulate the surroundings, create distractions, or find alternative paths that allow you to avoid direct conflict.

Quest Choices and Consequences: Your choices during quests and interactions can influence whether combat is inevitable or avoidable. Pay attention to the information you gather, consider alternative solutions, and make choices that prioritize peaceful resolutions whenever possible.

Bribery and Bartering: In some situations, offering valuable items, money, or favors may persuade certain individuals or groups to back down, preventing combat from occurring.


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