Baldurs Gate 3 How to use Knock Unconscious? Combat

Baldurs Gate 3 How to use Knock Unconscious? Combat

In Baldur’s Gate 3

the Knock Unconscious option can be used during combat to render an enemy unconscious instead of killing them. This can be useful when you want to disable an enemy without causing permanent harm or if you wish to capture and interrogate them later. Here’s how you can use the Knock Unconscious option:

Engage in Combat: Enter combat mode by initiating an attack or being attacked by enemies.

Reduce the Enemy’s Health: Engage in combat with the enemy and reduce their health points (HP) through regular attacks or spells. Use abilities or strategies to weaken the enemy without causing lethal damage.

Observe the Enemy’s Health Bar: Keep an eye on the enemy’s health bar during the combat encounter. As you attack and reduce their HP, the health bar will gradually decrease.

Assess the Enemy’s Health Status: Pay attention to the enemy’s health status. When their HP is low enough, they may become vulnerable to being knocked unconscious instead of being killed.

Use Knock Unconscious Ability or Action: Once the enemy’s health is sufficiently reduced, you may be presented with the option to use the Knock Unconscious ability or action. This option is typically available when the enemy is at low health and can be selected from the available actions or abilities in the combat interface.

Select Knock Unconscious: Choose the Knock Unconscious option from the available actions or abilities, usually by clicking on the appropriate button or selecting it from the action bar.

Execute the Action: Confirm your selection to perform the Knock Unconscious action. If successful, the enemy will be rendered unconscious, incapacitating them for the remainder of the combat encounter.


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