Baldurs Gate 3 How to use fast travel? Exploration

Baldurs Gate 3 How to use fast travel? Exploration

World Map:

Open the world map by pressing the M key or accessing it through the game menu. The world map shows various locations you have discovered or can travel to. Click on a location on the map to set it as your destination and manually travel there.

Waypoints: Baldur’s Gate 3 features waypoints scattered throughout the game world. These waypoints serve as fast travel points within a specific region. When you discover a waypoint, activate it to teleport back to that location from other waypoints within the same region. Interact with a waypoint and select the desired destination to use it.

Party Formation: Rearrange your party formation for optimized travel. Position faster characters or those with high Perception in the front to scout ahead, while slower or more vulnerable characters can stay in the back for protection.

Haste and Movement Abilities: Certain spells, abilities, or items may grant haste or increase your movement speed, allowing you to cover larger distances more quickly.


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