Baldurs Gate 3 How to throw items? Combat

Baldurs Gate 3 How to throw items? Combat

In Baldur’s Gate 3, throwing items can be a useful tactic during combat to deal damage or create strategic advantages. Here’s how you can throw items in combat:

Open the Inventory:

During combat, open your character’s inventory by selecting the inventory tab or pressing the corresponding keybind.

Select the Item to Throw: Locate the item you want to throw in your inventory. This could include throwable weapons, grenades, or other consumable items specifically designed for throwing.

Equip the Item: If the item you want to throw is not already equipped, select it from your inventory and choose the option to equip it. This is typically done by right-clicking the item and selecting the Equip option.

Target the Enemy or Location: Once the item is equipped, position your character to face the desired target enemy or location where you want to throw the item. Use the movement controls or mouse to adjust your character’s position accordingly.

Activate the Throw Action: Depending on the game’s interface and mechanics, there are different ways to activate the throw action. It could be a right-click menu option, a dedicated throw button, or a specific keybind. Look for the appropriate action associated with throwing the item and activate it.

Aim and Execute the Throw: With the throw action activated, aim your targeting reticle or cursor at the desired target enemy or location. Once you have your aim aligned, execute the throw by clicking or activating the appropriate button.

Resolve the Throw: After executing the throw, the item will be launched towards the target enemy or location. The item’s effects, such as damage or any associated abilities, will be resolved based on the specific item and its mechanics.


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