Baldurs Gate 3 How to read character statuses? Combat

Baldurs Gate 3 How to read character statuses? Combat

In Baldur’s Gate 3, reading character statuses is important to understand their current condition and any ongoing effects they may be experiencing during combat. Here’s how you can read character statuses:

Select a Character: During combat, select the character whose status you want to check. You can do this by clicking on their character portrait or selecting them directly on the battlefield.

View Character Sheet: Once the character is selected, you can usually access their detailed information by opening their character sheet. This can typically be done by clicking on a button or icon that represents the character’s profile or stats.

Check Status Effects: Within the character sheet, there should be a section or tab dedicated to displaying the character’s current status effects. This section may be labeled as Status, Conditions, or something similar.

Review Status Icons and Descriptions:

In the status effects section, you will see icons representing the various effects currently affecting the character. These icons can indicate positive buffs, negative debuffs, or conditions such as being poisoned, stunned, or restrained.

Hover for Detailed Information: Hover your mouse cursor over each status icon to see a tooltip or description that provides more information about the effect. This tooltip will often include details such as the effect’s duration, its impact on the character’s abilities or attributes, and any associated saving throws or resistances.

By reviewing the character’s status effects, you can gain valuable information about their current condition and plan your actions accordingly. You can strategize based on whether the character needs healing, dispelling harmful effects, or taking advantage of positive buffs.


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