Baldurs Gate 3 How to highlight objects? Exploration

Baldurs Gate 3 How to highlight objects? Exploration

In Baldur’s Gate 3, highlighting objects can help you discover interactive elements, items of interest, or hidden secrets within the game world. Here are some tips on how to highlight objects and enhance your exploration:

Perception Skill: Invest points into the Perception skill for your character. Perception enhances your ability to detect hidden objects or interactable elements in the environment. Higher Perception skill levels increase your chances of noticing important objects.

Observation: Pay close attention to your surroundings as you explore. Look for visual cues, such as sparkling or glowing objects, that indicate items or interactable elements. Take the time to carefully scan your environment for any signs of interest.

Interact with the Environment: Experiment with interacting with various objects in the environment, such as bookshelves, crates, or switches. Sometimes, interacting with one object can reveal hidden compartments, secret passages, or trigger events that highlight additional objects.

Use Spells or Abilities: Certain spells or abilities can reveal hidden objects or highlight interactable elements. For example, spells like Detect Magic or abilities with scanning effects can help you identify objects of interest. Utilize these spells or abilities strategically to uncover hidden secrets.

Listen to Dialogue and NPC Interactions: Pay attention to the dialogue and conversations of NPCs. They may provide hints or clues about hidden objects or interactive elements nearby. Engage in conversations with NPCs and ask about your surroundings to gather information.

Investigate Suspicious Areas: Keep an eye out for areas that appear out of place or have visual anomalies. These areas may indicate hidden objects or secrets. Investigate these suspicious areas by interacting with them or using abilities that reveal hidden elements.

Search Bookshelves and Containers:

Explore bookshelves, cabinets, chests, and other containers thoroughly. These objects often hold valuable items or provide clues to progress in quests. Use the search action to examine these containers more closely.

Follow Quest Indicators: Follow quest indicators or markers on your map or compass. These indicators can guide you toward important objects or locations related to your current quests.

Collaborate with Party Members: Engage in conversation with your party members and discuss the environment. They may have unique insights or observations that can help you identify and highlight important objects.

Experiment and Explore: Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game that rewards thorough exploration. Take the time to interact with various objects, investigate hidden areas, and try different approaches. The more you explore, the more likely you are to discover hidden objects and uncover secrets.


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