Baldurs Gate 3 How to heal heroes? Combat

Baldurs Gate 3 How to heal heroes? Combat

In Baldur’s Gate 3, healing your heroes during combat is essential to keep them alive and fighting. Here are some ways to heal your heroes in combat:

Healing Spells: If you have characters with spellcasting abilities, they may have access to healing spells. Open the character’s spellbook or spell list during combat and look for spells like Cure Wounds or Healing Word. Select the spell and choose the target character you want to heal. The spell will then restore hit points to the target.

Healing Potions: Keep a supply of healing potions in your characters’ inventories. During combat, open the inventory of the character who needs healing and locate the healing potion. Use the potion on the character to consume it and restore their hit points.

Healing Abilities: Certain character classes and subclasses have abilities that allow them to heal themselves or others. These abilities may have limited uses or cooldowns, so use them strategically when needed.

Support Spells: Some spells or abilities may provide support effects that indirectly heal characters or grant temporary hit points. For example, the spell Aid can increase the maximum hit points of characters, effectively healing them.

Short Rest:

If combat allows, you can take a short rest. This can be done by finding a safe location and initiating a short rest action. During a short rest, characters can spend hit dice to regain hit points. However, be cautious as short rests may not always be possible in the midst of combat encounters.

Items and Equipment: Certain magical items or equipment may have healing properties. Keep an eye out for items that provide healing effects or bonuses and use them when needed.

It’s important to manage your resources and assess the situation carefully to determine the best time to heal your heroes during combat. Balancing healing with offensive or defensive actions is crucial for success.

Additionally, it’s important to note that some healing methods, such as spells or potions, may provoke opportunity attacks from nearby enemies. Be mindful of your positioning and the potential risks involved in performing healing actions.


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