Baldurs Gate 3 How to check companion approval? Exploration

Baldurs Gate 3 How to check companion approval? Exploration


In Baldur’s Gate 3, checking your companion’s approval or attitude towards you can be important for managing relationships and making decisions that align with their interests. Here’s how you can check companion approval during exploration:

Open the Character Panel: During exploration, open the character panel by clicking on the portrait or character icon of the companion whose approval you want to check. This will bring up their character sheet and information.

Look for Approval Indicator: Within the character sheet, you may find an approval indicator or a representation of their attitude towards you. This indicator can take the form of a bar, a scale, or a numeric value. It may be labeled as Approval, Attitude, or something similar.

Observe Changes: Pay attention to any changes in the approval indicator as you interact with the companion and make decisions during your adventures. Choices and actions can influence their approval positively or negatively, affecting their overall attitude towards you and potentially triggering companion quests or events.

Companion Dialogue:

Engage in conversations with your companions during exploration. They may provide feedback, express their thoughts, or indicate their approval or disapproval based on your choices and actions. Dialogue options or reactions can give you insights into their current attitude.

Companion Reactions: Watch for non-verbal cues and reactions from your companions during conversations or events. Facial expressions, body language, or specific animations can indicate their approval or disapproval of your actions.

Party Banter: Listen to the party banter that occurs spontaneously between companions during exploration. They may discuss your choices or share their opinions, providing hints about their approval levels.

Companion Quests and Interactions: Progress through companion-specific quests or interact with them in meaningful ways to deepen your understanding of their approval. Completing quests or fulfilling their personal goals may positively impact their attitude towards you.


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