Ariel’s Unfortunate Hair Mishap Caught on Strange Disney Dreamlight Valley Video

Unusual Disney Dreamlight Valley Video Captures Ariel's Hair Mishap

Highlights: Bugs and glitches have been found in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including Ariel’s hair splitting into two and spinning in circles. Redditors have made jokes about these glitches, adding humor to the game. Another gamer found a disturbing glitch resembling a cooked chicken that appears to breathe.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Video Captures Ariel’s Hair Mishap

The popular game Disney Dreamlight Valley, developed by Gameloft, has been encountering various bugs and glitches since its early access release. These glitches have added an element of weirdness to the game, with players stumbling upon odd occurrences.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players create avatars and build their own town similar to Animal Crossing. They can invite Disney characters like Simba, Wall-E, and Stitch to live in their village. The goal of the game is to remove an evil force polluting Dreamlight Valley and causing its residents to lose their memories.

A Reddit user named Pixiilatte shared a video clip showing an unusual glitch involving Ariel from The Little Mermaid. In the video, Ariel’s hair splits into two sections and starts spinning in circles while she continues on as if nothing is happening. The sight is strange and unexpected in a game like Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Redditors found Pixiilatte’s video amusing and came up with jokes about the glitch. Some suggested that Ariel was doing windmills as an exercise, while others speculated that she was bored of land and wanted to see where the birds are. This humorous take on glitches adds a playful element to the game and enhances the experience for players.

However, not all glitches in Disney Dreamlight Valley are lighthearted. Another gamer named strawberrymusicbox discovered a disturbing glitch resembling a cooked chicken. The glitch appeared as a shadow near the ceiling, and to make matters worse, it seemed to be breathing as it sat on the wall. This glitch is unsettling and not something players would want to encounter in their in-game homes, particularly in a peaceful game like Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It is clear that Disney Dreamlight Valley has its fair share of glitches and bugs, some humorous and others disconcerting. Despite these issues, the game continues to be popular among players. It is available for early access on various platforms such as PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

In conclusion, glitches and bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley have provided players with both amusement and unease. The humorous glitches, like Ariel’s spinning hair, have led to jokes and added a light-hearted element to the game. However, the more disturbing glitches, such as the shadow resembling a cooked chicken, can be unsettling for players. Despite these glitches, Disney Dreamlight Valley remains a popular choice among gamers.


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