Wandering Balloon

All Wandering Balloon Maps

Here is an updated and complete list of AFK Arena all wandering balloon maps:

Here is an adventurous mode of “Peaks of Time”. You have to collect rewards here by defeating your enemies as well as by solving some puzzles. 

For creating the Wandering Balloon, all of the “Voyage of Wonders” maps are used here. You may have noticed it if you are an old player of AFK Arena. 

All Wandering Balloon Maps

All Wandering Balloon Maps

highburn Stronghold

Wondering Ballon Rules

  • The difficulty of the opponent will adjust according to the power or Combat Rating of the player whenever you open or restart any adventure in Wondering Ballon mode. 
  • Wandering Balloon mode will remain active for 14 days, once you have opened it. The difficulty level of enemies will be updated accordingly after every time when you will open the said mode. 


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