How to rotate Sentry Gun? Aliens Dark Descent FAQs

How to rotate Sentry Gun? Aliens Dark Descent FAQs

In Aliens: Dark Descent, rotating the Sentry Gun is typically achieved by interacting with the gun and using the appropriate controls. Here’s a general guide on how to rotate the Sentry Gun:

Approach the Sentry Gun: Locate the Sentry Gun in the game world. It is usually placed in strategic locations to provide defensive coverage.

Interact with the Sentry Gun: Get close to the Sentry Gun and look for the prompt or interact key/button that appears when you are in range. This allows you to interact with the gun’s controls.

Use the rotation controls: Once you have initiated the interaction, the game will likely provide you with options to rotate the Sentry Gun. Look for on-screen prompts or instructions indicating the specific controls for rotation. These controls could be buttons or keys on your controller or keyboard.

Rotate the Sentry Gun: Follow the instructions or use the designated controls to rotate the Sentry Gun. This might involve using the analog stick, moving the mouse, or pressing specific keys to rotate the gun in the desired direction.

Confirm the rotation: After adjusting the rotation, confirm the changes to lock the new position in place. This could involve pressing a confirmation button or key.

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