How to increase squad size? Aliens Dark Descent FAQs

How to increase squad size? Aliens Dark Descent FAQs

Progress through the story: In many games, squad size may increase naturally as you progress through the main storyline or complete specific objectives. Keep playing and advancing the narrative to potentially unlock new squad members.

Recruit new members: Look for opportunities to recruit new squad members within the game. This might involve completing side quests, rescuing NPCs, or winning their loyalty through dialogue choices or other interactions. Pay attention to characters you encounter and explore their stories or potential recruitment options.

Unlock upgrades or abilities: Some games allow you to upgrade or unlock abilities that increase your squad size. These upgrades may be tied to your character’s progression or specific in-game achievements. Check if there are any skill trees, tech trees, or other upgrade systems that offer squad size enhancements.

Make alliances or forge relationships: Building alliances with factions or groups within the game world can sometimes lead to an increase in squad size. Interact with different factions, complete tasks for them, or align yourself with their cause to potentially gain additional squad members.

Complete side missions or optional content: Side missions or optional content can sometimes reward you with new squad members. Explore the game world thoroughly and take on optional tasks to uncover potential opportunities to increase your squad size.

Modding or user-created content: Depending on the game, modding tools or user-created content may offer options to modify squad size. Explore the modding community or official modding support for the specific game you’re playing to see if there are any mods or custom content that allow for squad size adjustments.

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