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AFK Arena v1.96 Update

The AFK Arena v1.96 update is coming soon. Here we have highlighted the new changes with details about the update.

Awakened Solise

The servers will not be available during the update of the game. Unfortunately, the players cannot log in from 12:30 to 14:30 as the team will be working on updates. The management of AFK Arena is apologizing in anticipation of this inconvenience. The update will be offering you diamonds (1200).

New Heroes

  1. Tarnos – The Atoner, the Celestial Hero
  2. Tarnos will be available as a tested hero
  3. Bountiful Trials event for Tarnos along with Arena of Trials event

New Additions and Optimizations

  • Hodgkin added with new skin. The Reviled Captain is called “The Captain Claw.” The event of “Lost Sigils” will commence in the morning, and you will be able to get this hero. The player can purchase the skin from Wardrobe at a discount rate during the event. That will also be available at an average rate after the event.
  • After completing stages 3-28, the players can get a permanent “Shadow Invasion” feature introduced in this update. This surprising feature allows the players better survival in a devastating crowd of enemies by controlling specific heroes. Moreover, this update provides the “Trials of Annihilation” stage.
  • After completing stages 3-12, the “Impeding Doom” event will be available to the players. You can not only claim the reward of this event after completion of Event Bounty Quests but also can draw parchments.
  • Players can answer the quiz question to get rewards in the “Poetic Pop Quiz” early morning (05:30).
  • The adventure of “Frozen Lava” was added to the Voyage of Wonders feature.
  • After the completion of stages 3-20 and 60% of “The Fractured Gallery,” the “Depths of Time III” can be unlocked as added to Wandering Balloon.
  • A new chapter, “Circus of Death” (Chapter 52), has been added. The difficulties of previous stages have been adjusted in the update.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

Oscar – The True Gentleman: The issue of an instant move of a hero outside the battlefield has been fixed, which was occurring at the usage of the Ultimate Skill “Uninvited Guest.”

Similarly, the issue of improper working of Dune Destroyer’s skill” Crystalized Wounds” is resolved now in this update. The skill was not working effectively in Twisted Realm and Cursed Realm.

Now the Dune Destroyer will utilize Dynamic Divisions in the Cursed Realm. Players can enter divisions by achieving the damage target of divisions. 


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