Achievement Guide for Assessing and Unboxing Star Rail

Star Rail – Unboxing Assessment Achievement Guide

Heading 3: How to Get the Unboxing Assessment Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

To obtain the Unboxing Assessment Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, players must investigate 10 Courier Package Boxes. It is recommended to start by searching through the Alchemy Commission Courier boxes if the Central Starskiff Haven area has already been explored.

1. Locate the first Package Boxes by heading towards the stairs east of the Dragon tree.
2. Take the stairs to search through the second Courier box in the Alchemy Commission.
3. Find the third Courier Package east of the Healer’s Market Waypoint. Players can also obtain a Praise of High Morals by selecting the option to help those in need.
4. Southwest of the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Celestial, Trailblazers will find another Alchemy Commission Courier Package.
5. In the Central Starskiff Haven area, search through the Courier box northwest of the Earthrise Agora Space Anchor. Choosing certain options will give players a Praise of High Morals.
6. Behind the billboard southwest of the Starwatcher Avenue Waypoint, locate the third Package.
7. Turn east and explore the Courier beside the stairs to help a stranger with a meal.
8. Climb the stairs and head toward the Stargazer Navalia exit, then check the rice inside the eastern Package and bring it with you to obtain five Protein Rice.
9. Deal with the Courier Package south of the Food Stall based on personal preference to receive either a Pleasant-Looking Trash or a Praise of High Morals.
10. On the eastern side of the Central Starskiff Haven bridge, players will find the seventh Delivery Package.
11. The Mini-Neutron Bomb is hidden inside the abandoned post office west of the Starskiff Jetty Space Anchor. Choose to investigate and question its purpose.

By completing these steps, players can achieve the Unboxing Assessment Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail. It is worth noting that while this achievement may not reward a significant amount of Stellar Jade, collecting all available rewards from various easy achievements can accumulate a decent amount for pulling desired characters. Honkai: Star Rail is available on Android, iOS, and PC, with a PlayStation version in development.


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