A Guide to Unlocking Mutterlock Chests

## Opening Mutterlock Chests: A Step-by-Step Guide


In Diablo 4, players can come across a puzzle called Mutterlock Chests. These chests are rare and challenging to open. To find them, players need to explore Nightmare Dungeons and look for treasure chests with chains around them. When the player interacts with the Mutterlock Chest, they are given a list of Latin phrases to choose from. Choosing the wrong phrase will cause the chest to disappear with its loot. To open the chest, players need to find three inscriptions near it and memorize the words they say. These words will combine to form one of several phrases that need to be selected when interacting with the chest. Choosing the correct phrase will turn the chest into a Resplendent Chest, which contains gold and rare items. However, the rewards from Mutterlock Chests are generally not worth the time and effort it takes to open them. Players may be better off skipping them and focusing on more efficient methods of farming XP and glyphs in nightmare dungeons.

Heading 3: Mutterlock Chests: Rare and Challenging Puzzles in Diablo 4


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