A Comprehensive Explanation of Community Upgrades

A Comprehensive Guide to Community Upgrades

or JojaMart’s Community Development Projects. However, there is actually plenty of post-game content in the form of Community Upgrades. These upgrades allow players to continue working towards improving the town and the lives of its residents.

Currently, there are two Community Upgrades available in the game. The first upgrade involves building Pam a house. To start this upgrade, players need to visit Robin’s Carpenter Shop in the Mountains and speak to her about it. Robin will require the player to provide 500,000g and 950 pieces of Wood. These resources must be given to Robin at the same time. It is important to note that in multiplayer mode, only the host player is allowed to purchase this upgrade. Once the resources are handed over, it will take three in-game days for Robin to complete the construction of Pam’s house. Afterward, players can witness a heartwarming cutscene where Pam and Penny see the new house. Regardless of whether players choose to keep their involvement a secret or tell Pam the truth, they will receive four hearts of friendship with Pam.

A Comprehensive Explanation of Community Upgrades

The second Community Upgrade focuses on creating shortcuts around the town. This upgrade can only be accessed after completing the first upgrade involving Pam’s house. To start this upgrade, players must once again visit Robin and provide 300,000g. Unlike the first upgrade, no additional resources are required for this one. Once the gold is given to Robin, she will build five secret shortcuts around the town. These shortcuts are hidden and can be difficult to find. They allow players to navigate the Valley more quickly and easily. Here are the details of where the shortcuts can be found:

1. Cindersap Forest to Beach:

The path is to the right of Leah’s Cottage and below Marnie’s Ranch. It provides access to the Beach and can be used even on festival days.

2. Pelican Town to Mountains:

North of the Movie Theater or JojaMart, there is a narrow path leading to the bridge near the Quarry. Horses cannot pass through this path.

3. Museum to Beach:

South of the Museum, there is a well-hidden path leading down to the tide pool area of the Beach. Horses cannot fit through this path.

4. Bus Stop to Backwoods:

At the Bus Stop, take a left and head towards the tunnel. There will be a staircase at the northern wall that connects to the Backwoods, which is the path connecting the player’s farm to the Mountains.

5. Mountain Lake Plank:

A plank will be added to the Mountain Lake islands, creating a direct path to the Adventurers Guild.

These Community Upgrades provide players with additional goals to strive for and enhance their gameplay experience in Stardew Valley. They allow for continued growth and improvement within the town and offer new opportunities for players to explore and interact with the game world.


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